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Types of Home Health Care Services


Home health care services are the types of medical services a patient can receive while sitting back at their homes. These services are limitless, and they vary from one patient to another depending on the medical needs of the patient. Some patients require nursing care services while others require medical services depending on the urgency, need, and state of the patient. This article will shed some light on the important, and most common home health care services which are being offered in different places and by different medical specialists.


The first home health care service which is offered as part of the home health care service is the nursing care. This has been ranked as one of the most leading services in home health care due to its wide range of coverage. A qualified doctor will set up a regular visit and a plan for a qualified nurse who will be making regular visits to the home patient. The registered can be administering nursing services such as dressing the wounds of the patient, administering medication, ostomy care, pain control, intravenous therapy as well as monitoring the general health of the patient. The nurse offers all these services to the patient, and he or she includes any other services which he or she thinks they are helpful to the quick recovery of the patient. Look for more facts about health at


The home health care medical service at which is done by medical practitioners is the physical, speech and occupational therapy. There are patients who get sick or get involved in an accident to the point of forgetting how to speak or even have difficulties in walking due to severe injuries. A physical therapist will be assigned to such a patient and be coming at home to retrain the patient how to walk and do some physical exercises. 


The therapist at will help the patient to retain his or her joints and muscles to relearn how to support the body. On top of all, an occupational therapist will be there to train a patient to relearn things like eating, dressing up his or her clothes as well as taking a bath. In addition, also a speech therapist will be there to assist the patient to regain his or her speech which might have been lost due to sickness or accident. After all these home health care services, the patient is better and can regain most of the normal and basic activities without spending all the time in the hospital bed.

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